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Perks of Being a Loyal Customer

As a Loyal Customer, you not only save up to 45%
on all your It Works! purchases, but you also earn points
toward free products with every purchase you make!

With every order you place, you earn Perks Points equal to 10%
of your order before taxes and shipping. So if the cost of your order
before taxes and shipping is $100.00 USD, you earn 10 Perks Points!

You can start using your Perks Points anytime after your fourth
consecutive auto-shipment to buy even more great products!

Place an order that’s greater than $125 USD and your standard shipping is FREE!

Starting with your fourth consecutive auto-shipment,
you will receive FREE standard shipping on that order
and on all of your subsequent auto-shipments!

(Free shipping only available on U.S. orders.)

How about a shopping spree on us?!
You can earn BONUS Perks Points just for continuing
to place an auto-shipment order each month.

50 bonus Perks Points after your sixth consecutive auto-shipment.
150 bonus Perks Points after your twelfth consecutive auto-shipment.

That’s a total of $200 in free products for placing an order
with us each month for a year!

The more consecutive auto-shipment orders you place,
the closer you get to free products! So stay loyal
to enjoy all the great things It Works! has in store for you.
You've earned them!

Join our loyal customer program today to start earning your free products!!!

Loyal Customer Rules and Regulations

Good For You!

When people realize how good it is for them and how good their skin looks, they do the wraps regularly to continue contouring their problem areas until they get to where they want to be.
--Pam Sowder, Director of Marketing